23 November 2015

What freaks you out?

An interesting project from IES Vicente Medina in Archena (Murcia). We hope you like it.
This year, students from 1º bachillerato A/C are going to be working on a project called “1º Bachillerato in shock”.
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 16.27.10
Why this title? Well, because they are going through a series of changes in their academic lives which might cause them some stress … or not. It all depends on how you look at things and how you take them. As they say in English, always look at the bright side of life :-)
Anyways, for the first task of this project they were asked to think about what freaks them out, prepare a presentation and talk about it in class. We all have our weaknesses and things that we’d rather not talk about, although really it’s better if you talk about them and so here is some of their fantastic work:
Javi, Fran, Moisés and José Manuel Ortega
Javi, Fran, Moisés and José Manuel Ortega
Encarna, Clara, Nuria, Nerea and Teresa
Encarna, Clara, Nuria, Nerea and Teresa
Alejandro, Ricardo, José Manuel López and José Manuel Nicolás
Alejandro, Ricardo, José Manuel López and José Manuel Nicolás
Onofre, Alfonso, Mª del Mar, Laura Carrillo and Juanjo
Onofre, Alfonso, Mª del Mar, Laura Carrillo and Juanjo
Laura Vidal, Laura Palazón, Julián and Luis
Laura Vidal, Laura Palazón, Julián and Luis
Isabel. Jesús, Cristina, Andrea and Lucía
Isabel. Jesús, Cristina, Andrea and Lucía

Once they finished their awesome presentations, students were asked to collaborate on a digital wall in which they had to give solutions for stressful situations. Have a look at some of them. They might come in handy at some point in your life, you never know!
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 16.00.29

18 November 2015

A sports meal play (Year 6) 2015/16

Today we would like to introduce the final products of the task A sports meal play (Year 6) 2015/16
This task we have been done by the pupils of Year 6 at San Gregorio School in Aguilar de Campoo.

You can watch the plays at this list on youtube:

These posts have been published in Year 6B digital portfolio:

Below, you can read the posts which have been created by Year 6 B pupils.

16 November 2015

Syrian Refugees

From IES Vicente Medina in Archena (Murcia), the students at 4º ESO have been working in class about a currents news: Syrian Refugees. 
Inmaculada López, the English teacher, tell us:
This year in 4º ESO we decided we were going to start the English classes not with the usual revision of Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, blablabla (boooooring!!!!), but talking about something which has been making us think how lucky we are to have such a good life in a country where, fortunately, we don’t have to hide what we think or escape because there is a war which is finishing with everything we’ve known since we were born, including friends and family.
We thought it would be nice to show our respect towards Syrian refugees by dedicating a few of our classes to reflect on everything they have been going through and thus 4ºB were asked to prepare a poster, using Canva, about prejudices we have towards refugees and immigrants in general. They were also asked to think about possible ways to aid them. Click on the photo to have a look at the posters:
Give me shelter
Give me shelter
4ºC, on the other hand, had to put themselves in the shoes of the Syrian families who have been forced to leave their country in search of better life conditions. As such, they recorded radio programmes in which the interviewer had to interview the family on the radio. To do this, they first wrote the script on a Google document which they shared with the teacher and then they uploaded their programme to Spreaker. I, the teacher, have uploaded their programmes to Ivoox for practical reasons. You can listen to them here:
Syrian Refugees
Syrian Refugees
We would have preferred to talk about more pleasant topics, but all in all it has been a good way to start this academic year.

10 November 2015

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Here’s the first post from IES Mediterráneo in  Salobreña (Granada). It is a project done by María Bejar, a 4º ESO student, about the compulsory reader they have for the first term: Rabbit-proof fence, a most interesting book which deals with the situation of the Aborigines in Australia and how white men dealt with all half-caste children. 

Here’s the link to the student’s blog: http://mariabejarrodriguez.blogspot.com.es/

I hope you like this great work she published with emaze

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29 October 2015

Let´s go on!

The ESL Times starts the new course 2015-16, providing a site to share your works in English (news, art and entertainment, storytelling, school life, opinion). We want to continue helping teachers to show and share both their work and their students'.

You can participe with your students. We are sure they´ll learn and enjoy.

Find more about this project in the infographic below.

Don't be shy and join us! .

30 June 2015

Is Minecraft your planet?

Would you like to create your own planet and use Minecraft for that purpose in your CLIL Primary lessons?
Then, check MineCraft Planet, the e-publication that Marta Gómez that has designed along her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

If you are a 9 or 10-year old kid and would like to investigate on planets in English, you are bound to find engaging learning missions that you are bound to enjoy, such as video and audio challenges, Minecraft games, collaborative presentations and so forth.

But of course, and as the e-publication infographic advertises, you are not alone. You are guided by the curated tools that Marta Gómez has gathered for you in the list below:

And, if you are a Science CLIL Primary teacher, you have your section too at this e-publication, outlined in a CLIL template as well as a mindmap, so that you can have a quick look about what goals can be achieved by surfing Marta's digital artifacts, what skills and competencies can be accomplished and what learning outcomes are to be produced.

Stay tuned for news about this project based learning oriented CLIL e-publication and find it all about how Marta has also become a connected teacher while turning her ideas into a real digital resource for CLIL learners.