8 April 2014

First steps to become a good reporter

The Open Voices team at URJC are proposing a new activity for Primary CLIL teachers and students this week.

Are you up to this new challenge by @openvoices_? These future e-teachers would love to hear from you. Visit their blog and find it all about the e-project they are carrying out.

Meanwhile, watch the video below, which they are using to support their proposal:

7 April 2014

Arts & Music Around The World

This is the name of the project a team of future Primary CLIL teachers are designing at URJC with the aim of approaching Arts and Music to CLIL students.

In order to do that they have created a blog where they explain their goals and activities, and regularly post all the news and challenges they are overcoming.

Don't miss their wonderful trailer and their podcast, a cross-over with another e-project by some of their peers, Open Voices, which we wrote about some weeks ago.

You are all welcome to join and collaborate with both, Arts & Music Around The World, and Open Voices.

2 April 2014

A project about animal with Year2

During last month we were working on Animals at Science and English Lessons. But this time we will decided to learn about it through a project. So we decided to use a thinking routine for starting and design the project with Year 2 students. We use the routine: GENERATE-SORT-CONNECT AND ELABORATE. 

  • 1st we offer them the opportunity of writing down all the ideas they have about animals or what they could remember from the last school year. And they should write down on small pieces of paper.
  • 2nd they have to talk about the ideas they have had.
  • 3rd we tried to connect all the ideas they have though, because some of them belong to the same characteristic or they just have something in common.
  • Finally we talked and elaborate the final mind map about the process we would follow for the project. Here you have the final result. 

So it is time to start working on the topic. For this issue we used the text book in which students have all the information they needed during the different day they have to complete the following chart.

When all of then have this informaton they have to create a product about the animals. In the mind maps you wanted to create posters about animals and so we did. When you finished the poster students present the poster to their partners. 

This is how we have hanged all the posters in the corridors because we wanted all of our mates and teachers learn a bit more. 

And the final thing we agreeded to make is write a book talking about animals from a scientistic point of view, like we have planned at the beggining. You can see the complete activity at our teacher's blog:

First we decided among the class a complete list about all the animals we can found in the area. 

And this is the book we have created together with all of our knowledge:

Javier Ramos Sancha

1 April 2014

About Platero and I - El Greco

A team of three of my students at URJC are working on the #quenipintado e-Project at the Master's Degree they are doing until the end of April, in order to commemorate these two special dates to be celebrated in Spain in 2014.
In order to show all their e-proposals they have designed a nice Wix: Enjoy Learning: Art and Music.

As part of their e-project activities, they are connecting with Primary CLIL students nationwide through online questions, quizzes and so forth.

The first set of questions consists of an animated avatar that asks two very simple questions that any Primary CLIL can answer, with the aim of gathering information about kids' prior knowledge regarding El Greco and Platero. Just click on the image below and meet the avatar:

The first bunch of students to come forward and answer the first set come from Capileira, Granada. They have compiled a whole Pinterest board with their animated answers, also in the format of avatars.
Don't miss the chance to follow them and listen to their wonderful answers!

Thanks ever so much, @capileiratic, for your students' contribution to this e-project, and your hard work! Congrats, it's awesome, we really appreaciate it!

28 March 2014

Open Voices now at YouTube and SoundCloud

Some days ago we introduced Open Voices in this very blog, a new e-project by a team of future CLIL Primary teachers at URJC.

Today, we are glad to present some evolutions in this e-project, as they have been working hard for the last days to be able to launch their e-project trailer as well as their podcasting channel, where they can already be depicted as talented brave reporters.

Don't miss their upcoming activities!

You can follow their blog and also their Twitter account, @openvoices_

26 March 2014

Working food in class

The students at CPR Barranco de Poqueira (Capileira) in 3rd Primary had been working the topic "Food".  They have done some interesting activities.

1º We chose 4 groups for studing vocabulary: Fruit, Drinks, Vegetables and Fast food.
(clic to open)

2º We were talking about likes and dislikes. They wrote sentences and searched some photos.

3º Finally, we recorded the audio

24 March 2014

Slavery Nowadays

From IES Vicente Medina in Archena (Murcia), the English teacher shares a great work in  class about slavery. Thanks Inmaculada!

2º B has been doing some research on different types of modern day slavery
They have also suggested ways to prevent them. Here is the result:

Click on the image to open it.